Special Forces Thirtyish and unemployed, Riddle has moved to the town where he has placed his mother in a nursing home. Weighted with bad memories and guilt, he spends his days exploring the rural county with his camera. On one of these excursions he comes upon a deserted club where he sees a ghostly figure. The place itself seems to have been abruptly abandoned some years ago. Investigating later, he learns that a young man disappeared there ten years earlier, and his curiosity begins to draw him into an underworld of killers and drug-cookers run by renegade commando Tig Ledoux, and his assistant Doc. He finds his only ally in Leila, the deep-sighted daughter of a local fortune-teller. Drawn into Ledoux’s employ, he begins to piece together the connection between the disappearance and these dangerous men, and after witnessing first-hand their depravity, finds himself in a lethal dilemma: kill or—something worse than being killed. Purchase Online
Weariness of the South Ten stories of the old and new south feature the young, old, and middle-aged confronting painful transitions and oppressive memories, from brothers at odds in the 1880s to a kid in Civil Rights era Montgomery to an old man lost in the cosmos on a late-night bathroom trip.Purchase Online
Barnes & Noble
Lake Moon A novel of both self-realization and self-destruction, Lake Moon is the story of a band and its young members in their quest for recognition and fulfillment. Set primarily in the moral and social turmoil of the 1960s and ’70s in Georgia, the novel depicts the characters’ struggle against greed, prejudice, personal conflict, and addiction in their pursuit of the inescapable calling of music.Purchase Online
Chinaberries & Crows: An Anthology An anthology of stories, essays, and poems by authors from the Auburn/Opelika area.  My memoir “Growing Up in Auburn, Part 1″ presents selected memories of my first twelve years.Purchase Online

Solomon & George 


A Cross of Centuries I’m in some good company here, thanks to Mike Bishop.  Twenty-five imaginative tales about the Christ. My novella “Passion” is the story of a competition for the starring role in a small-town Easter pageant.Purchase Online


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